ZUM 24' Inch HD LED TV

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ZUM  24nch  HD LED TV  will redefine the way you enjoy entertainment, the slim LED TV will be a perfect addition to electronics collection. This ZUM TV will allow you to see images in a sharp and crystal clear form. With a high resolution, you will be able to see colors in their true form. This will make you have an enjoyable TV experience. Entertainment gets better when you have a very good television. If you are a lover of sport and action movies that involves a lot of fast-moving pictures then this LED TV is the right choice. It has an in-built with technology that will eliminate blur from fast-moving pictures. This will ensure you have complete all-around entertainment.

The secret behind  TV’s life-like color and the wide viewing angle is the panel. Just as the quality of the beans determines the
quality of the coffee, the quality of the panel determines the quality of the TV. The IPS Panel 
used by  is the reason why LED TVs have clearer, more consistent, and sturdy screens. 

ZUM 24-inch LED TVs are great for bedrooms or the popular self-contained accommodation popular amongst bachelors and spinsters in Nigeria. LED TVs offer bright pictures with deep blacks and good viewing angles. Below are a few 24-inch LED models currently selling in Nigeria and their prices.


  • 24'' INCH
  • HDMI
  • USB
  • 2AV
  • VGA
  • Color: black
  • Model: ZUM
  • Weight (kg): 5
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